Building a Coaching Business — Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Competition, and Over Clients

Whether you are a life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever type of coach, gain two unfair advantages:

  • Gain an unfair advantage over your competition by winning more new clients than any other coach.
  • And, frankly, gain an unfair advantage over your client by making your coaching so irresistable and  tempting that he almost can’t do anything but hire you.

Does that sound almost too good to be true?

Has it just been so hard to get clients that thinking that you could do something like gaining an unfair advantage over anyone, let alone the competition sounds totally unreasonable?

Well, let’s change that belief.

Gaining an Unfair Advantage Over Your Client

Actually, what I’m talking about here isn’t unfair to the client. By making your client feel that the deal he is getting from you is so great that it’s almost unfair to you he just can’t resist grabbing it.  You’ve got to make such a deal that he couldn’t possibly get this deal anywhere else, and it’s so much to his advantage that he can’t turn it down.

How do you do that?

  • By letting him in on something that’ll grow his business faster than he’s been able to do it on his own.
  • By working with you when he beleives that you are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • By being able to work with you, even for a short time, at a price that he feels is a giveaway. Doesn’t hurt to let him experience the results even for a free hour, free first session, or even a free month. But you’ve got to make that such an unbelievable great event that he’ll beg you to take him on in that rare time slot you may have left.

Don’t know how to do that? We are working on that with several in our group. Join us in the $100K Coaching Building Marketing Club.

It’s just that up until now you may have had trouble convincing a large percentage of those you talk with in a sales situation to actual buy. But, getting this right will certainly give you an added advantage over the results you’ve been getting, and when many of your clients have been resistant to buying, this will give you the advantage to turning them around.

If you talk with 10 people, how many buy? 1 in 10, 5 in 10, or even more?

Most of the coaches I talk with, at least at first, hesitate when I ask them that question because they don’t track what percentage of their sales calls convert into clients. If you aren’t measuring you aren’t managing. And if you aren’t managing you don’t know which thing you said suddenly increased your sales, or just maybe totally destroyed a sale.

Being Unfair to the Competition

Being unfair to the competition means, simply, that you are taking so much of their clients that it seems unfair.

That starts with your marketing message. Get your marketing message right and watch the clients jump into your shopping cart. Watch as the other coaches are still struggling and can’t figure it out.

The last networking event I went to had 30% of the room passing right by 5 other coaches that had also given their 30-second elevator speech at the same time, and same table with me. The coaches watched as several walked right past them to talk with me.

The last speech I gave at a trade association resulted in one coach leaving the room in a huff because he believed that what I said about getting 30% of a room at the previous event was total, absolute, bull.  It was a very small event, about 15 attended, but I had, guess what, 5 people (30%) wanting to meet with me afterwards.

The reason is “the marketing message.”

In their 30 second elevator speech most

  • Mention a label — “I’m a coach”, “I’m a life coach.” So what? What your prospects want to know is “Can you resolve their problems.” So, instead of saying “I’m a coach.” How about ” I work with IT companies that are struggling with getting enough clients. And I’ll help them gain another $100K THIS year.” The tarde association was an IT trade association. So I was talking directly to them, mentioning their pains, and a solution I had for them. The result — 30% of the people wanted to talk after the meeting.
  • Most coaches — Talk about experience and credentials –“I’ve been doing this for 20 years.” So what? It doesn’t say that you can help me!!! Or that you have a solution to MY specific problem. Therefore, I don’t care about your experience. Answer this: “Does having done this for 20+ years mean that you can solve my problem? Or that you are good at what you do?” Therefore, when you can show that you have something for me, an answer to MY problem, then I’ll listen. Try this: “I once had an IT company client, who tried what we’ve been discussing in tonight’s discussion, that went from 1 new client a month to 20 in the first month they tried this.” BINGO. Watch them jump into your shopping cart.
  •  Credentials — same thing. Even though you are a certified coach, does that mean that you can help me solve my problems? Or, just maybe you can help me with my problems, but which of those coaches standing around that room in that trade association are the best ones? The one that said he was certified, or the one that didn’t even mention certification but that said one of his client increased his business 20 times in a month?

Try the ebook, “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to fine tune that marketing message.

Always be sure to MEASURE and MANAGE your marketing results. So if you get a chance to deliver your 30 second elevator speech in front of a room of 10, 50, or 100 people, what percentage of that room responds to what you say. Then tweak it the next time while using the principles in “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” and notice how many more respond. It doesn’t end there. Keep tweaking it. Keep changing as you watch it go up and up and up.

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