Building a Coaching Business — Build a Community That CHASES You

I’m sure that you coaches who’ve been trying to build your coaching business have heard the concept that the people that buy from you are the ones that know you, like you, and trust you. The key to that is to “build a community” around you where ever you go. This works for any kind of coach, life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever type of coach.

For instance, you’ve likely tried networking as one way of building your coaching business where you walked around the room collecting business cards, and maybe even have taken the next step which is setting across the table from that person, and to a certain extent the two of you are getting to know each other a little bit better. But, there’s something missing from the way 99% of all coaches, and other small business owners, have been doing it. Here’s the secret to turning that into success.

Find Enough People to Help

It hinges on something Zig Ziglar said, “You can get everything life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” So, the secret to your rapidly growing a very successful coaching business is that where ever you go you will create a “community” of people you have helped.

If you’ve spent your time when meeting with others

  • telling them about your coaching
  • elling them about yourself
  • trying to persuade them to buy your coaching

You’ve probably had some sparse sales. But, just imagine what would happen if you were surrounded by lots of people

  • begging for you and your coaching
  • who have experienced the results you bring, and are so excited about it that they “spread the word” about those fantastic results

The secret to making that happen is that everywhere you go you not only find people to help but you create communities of people you’ve helped. In that community those people talk about you, tell each other and those outside the community how great the results are that you deliver.Creating a Community of People CHASING You

Now, here’s another secret about doing that. And these are almost secrets because almost no one does it, but those that start doing it see a massive increase in people chasing after them and in sales.

Let’s start with “networking.” Instead of walking around “collecting cards” and getting a few appointments here and there, always think, “How can I help this person RIGHT NOW.” Your job is to explore with that person how you can help him.

Develop POWERFUL Marketing Message

One way f finding people to help, is to start with a POWERFUL core marketing message with a VALUE statement. Instead of saying “I am a coach” say something like, “I work with struggling ________, who just can’t seem to __________, and I turn them into __________ [make it measurable, a VALUE statement. Dollars and cents improvements are good] Just think how different these statements are:

  • I am a coach


  • I work with struggling IT business owners who just can’t get enough clients no matter what they’ve done, and I help them make their next $250K within 6 months.

That will get their attention which is all you should be doing at this point. They will be asking you now to tell them more about that. But, you aren’t here to sell them anything . . . yet. You are here to “find someone to help” and to create a community around you of those you have helped. The more people you surround yourself with who you have helped the more clients will come from that community, and the more that community will send you tons of referrals.Ask . . . Explore How You Can Help

Afer that initial introduction where you’ve gotten a “Wow, how do you do THAT?” Ask questions about what they want or need? Ask specific questions about the results they are currently getting where you can help.

A really great question to ask is to ask them if they’ve already gotten a specific measurable result. Since I do a lot of internet marketing coaching as a part of my overall small business coaching I frequently ask something like this: “Do you get at least a dozen or so calls a month from your website?”

Or I’ve looked up on Google Keyword Tool before hand to see how many people are searching for what this person does. Then a follow up statement after the one above might be “You know,  I’m not surprised.  I’ve discovered that over 99% of all websites don’t work, but did you know that there are X,000 [fill in the appropriate number, for instance there are over 200,000 people looking for a life coach monthly) people looking for what you do. 

Then HELP them do it. Find a small piece of their business (a business coach) or their life (life coach), career, etc and actually offer to help them with it. For instance, I’ll help them get some major internet traffic to their site or help them get their website to convert 50 times more clients than ever before. And that person becomes a ravng fan. What you want is a community of raving fans. 

Your job is to either find an exciting group of people to help all of them, or to find individuals and put them together into a community. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Networking event — as you walk around the room find some people you can help and help them.

Then ask them, “Just how much did that help?” If you are a business coach ask them for dollars and cents. If you are a life coach find some measurable, increase in income, saved marriage, promotion, etc. Then ask them if there is anyone else they know that would like to get those kinds of results, and also ask them if they’d mind if you shared their success story with others.

Now, you are going to make them a super star success story around that networking community by sharing their success with everyone. if they are uncomfortable with you using their name, them name them anonymously . .  .an IT business owner . . . or young mother, etc. Make sure that you deliver IMPRESSIVE results. One of mine is that a Mary Kay rep went from one call a year to 72 within 2 weeks. That leaves an almost mouth watering picture in people’s minds. .. “I want that!”

  • Then if you have several individuals not associated with any particular group, create your own group.

Start having live face to face, or online teleseminars where you bring people together who have experienced your results and dump them into a larger group of people who have not experienced your results.

So, as you do new teleseminars, or live local workshop, you have people that you can ask from the crowd “Hey, Jenny, care to share what happined to you when . . . . “. She’s the Mary Kay rep I mentioned above. She’ll tell them how she went from less than 1 client a year to 72 people chasing after her within 2 weeks, and how she’s the new super star salesman in our region. 

Your job is to create communities of those who have experienced you. It doesn’t take much, so don’t spend the next year building communities. Help one person and get them “spreading the word” about how great it was. And I’m talking about spending 1-2 hours with them and making some difference that’s impressive for the time you spent with them.

Every time you meet someone help them with something. This isn’t about “getting paid” or “making a sale” for your time. This is about building a community of 100’s of people who’ll spread the word for you. Just imagine how long it’s taken you so far to build your business, and how if you had 10, 50, 100, or more out there marketing for you, “spreading the word” with “measurable results.” your business will grow rapidly within just a couple of months.

Now step back from what we’ve been talking about and think about this concept. How different would YOU respond to someone who obviously has something to sell to you versus someone who honestly wanted to help you with one of your worst nightmare problems? They would suddenly be several notches above almost anyone that you now know. Even though you juts met them they are on their way to becoming a friend, and if they spend a little time with you over the next week or so ,seriously focused on helping you, they might even be elevated to “super star provider” or even to “best friend” status.

You’ve certainly gotten to know them, like them, and trust them in a way that you’ve rarely gotten to know another business or life acquaintance.

Yes there are always some that will never spend any money with you. But so what? If they are “spreading the word”, you’ve just created one of the most valuable marketing arms of your business thta you could ever create. If only one out of every 2 or 3 spread the word you’ve leveraged your sales.

Nurture the Community

But,you MUST nurture that community. Keep them in the loop. Keep helping them, and they’ll keep helping you. Don’t do this once and walk away. Stay in touch with everyone in the community. Share your own success and growth with them and thank them for their help. Find other ways to help them. And get this network networking and sharing amongst themselves. Introduce and get them helping each other. 

Alan Boyer

To Your Coaching Business Success


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