Blogging to Build Your Coaching Business

If you haven’t been blogging to build your coaching business you are missing out on a big opportunity. If you have been, but didn’t know how to get the fantastic results that are possible, blog marketing is a great way to grow your coaching business. Here are some suggestions.

Marketing is mainly about

  • Getting in front of enough people who need you
  • Finding enough people to help and helping them
  • Helping them get to know you,  like you and trust you.

Giving away valuable information helps do all of that. So, a blog is a great tool to get in front of tons of people (blogs can help you get search engine positions that get you in front of tons of people), and it also provides a way of giving information that people are desperatly looking for.

Start giving away what you know. The more information you give that can help your prospect get what he wants and needs, and that he perceives as valuable the more he’ll get to know you, like you, and trust you.

When getting ready to write in your blog, think about the keywords that someone would use to find this blog post. Use Google Keyword tool to search for the words that are searched for the most, or that are “the low hanging fruit” (the words that will be the easiest to get a search engine position for since there isn’t much competition for them. Then make sure to include them

  • in the title
  • In the meta tags, meta keywords, and meta description
  • And about 2-3% of all of the words within the body of the posting.
  • Categories, and tags

I’ve been noticing something lately. Although I typically am within the first 3 at the top of Google for most of my keywords, which brings me lots of traffic, I’m starting to see a pattern. Just about every one of the new positions at the lower part of the page are all blogs. Blogs are making their impact on search engine positions and those coaches who are starting to win.

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