Multiplying Everything You Touch

Far too many businesses, and executives think only in small numbers, but I’d like to challenge you that everything you touch should be multiplied many times.

The Midas touch isn’t a myth, but far too many try to be “realistic” and keep their thinking small.

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How to Get 100’s More Clients Simply From Every Marketing You Do

If you can’t answer “How many responses, and clients, I should get from every piece of marketing I send?” then you aren’t in control of your marketing.

Imagine for a minute that if you KNEW that you could get at least 10% response every time you sent marketing, whether that would be website, direct mail, email, direct calls, webinars, etc. And that would work out to 100’s of times more than where you are now.

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Marketing and Sales in a Recession — Growing Your Business at the Worst of Times

Marketing and sales in a recession is no different than during good times. It’s just that most businesses act as if something really went bad during this recession and shoot themselves in the foot. But here’s a secret to grow your business even faster BECAUSE of the economy. Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Objectives to Add Another $100K

 Frequently a small business has no measurable marketing objectives other than “increase sales” “increase leads”, or “get more customers.” Here’s the secret to setting the right marketing objectives, and then tweaking the results to get 5-10 times more. Continue reading

BNI 60 Second Commercial That Could Multiply Your Business 10 Times or More

 In marketing and networking the first thing out of your mouth becomes the most important thing you will ever say. It isn’t about “making a sale”,  it’s about “getting attention.” It’s simple . . . if you don’t get their attention before you say what you want to say, they never hear the most important thing that follows.

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The Secret to Scientific Marketing

Is your marketing scientifically measurable?

Do you know how many are out there looking for YOU?

And do you know what percentage of those should be calling you everytime you send out your marketing?

Or do you just throw your marketing at the wall hoping and praying that someone will call you? If you do, you are like 99% of all business owners.

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Chum Marketing — Line New Customers Up Outside of Your Door

One of the biggest problems most small business owners have is that they play in the kiddie pool when trying to attract new clients. They dabble at it. They go networking here and there. They talk to 4 to 10 people a week one on one.

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Getting Clients — Acquiring Clients Faster Is Easy

When it’s absolutely, positively imperative to have a flow of new clients . . . . to attract clients in a steady flow, getting clients faster.

A simple rule of thumb: marketing, the skill of attracting clients, is nothing more than the number of people who get to see, or hear, your marketing message times the conversion rate of that marketing message.

getting clients -- marketing formula

 So, however many people line up outside of your door every week is determined by two things, how many you talk to or market to, and how good your marketing message is. Simple isn’t it?

Of course, what happens to most business owners is that their so-called marketing attempts are absolute failures. If you ask them about how well their sales are going they’ll tell you that their marketing messag is “the greatest thing since sliced bread” but, for some reason, no one is buying. Or, that it must be due to the economy.

But the core problem is . . . their marketing message!

So, ask yourself, “how many people literally go jumping into your shopping cart every time you tell someone what you do?” The result is your grade card of how well your message works.

Rule of thumb: If you are talking with them one-on-one 30% should be showing some serious interest . . . if you are talking to the right market with the right marketing message. If you are sending out cold mailers, or cold calling . . . 5% to 10% is a decent number. If you are getting less than those numbers you need to tune up your marketing message.

How do you tuneup a marketing message?

First rule: marketing is NEVER about you, your products, your service, or your process.

Second rule: Marketing is ALWAYS about the other person and what he wants or needs.

Ever try making a cold call? Think about this scenario.

Typical cold call: Hi George, I’m Alan Boyer with Ajax Best In the World Company . . . CLICK!

Cold call THAT WORKS! Hi George, I’ve been looking for a ___________ (name what they do).

OK, I know what you are saying. “I’m not interested in what they do. I’m here to make a sale.” And that’s why your marketing message has not been working. You have to change your focus to something they would almost kill for and I’ll guarantee that you’ll NEVER have anyone hang up on you.

So, how do you turn the call and or any marketing to being about you?

You don’t. If your goal is to “make a sale”, your already off on the wrong foot. But if you goal is to help people get what they want, then your sales and your marketing results will go through the roof.

Getting Clients . . . Acquiring Clients Is EASY When Your Focus is on What they Want

Here’s a story about one of my clients that REALLY GOT THIS IDEA.

He runs an MLM business. Most of his competitors meet fewer than 5 people a week. He meets with 250+ every week, and sells . . . 1/2 of them every week. Why? His focus is on them, not on making a sale.

Strange how that works isn’t it? It’s not that he lost focus on making a sale, but it’s important to realize that he’s there to help them get what they want and . . . because of his focus being on helping them . . . his sales are high.

While his competition is selling exactly the same thing and barely meet with 5 people a week. He focuses on them.

He approaches restaurant owners and asks them, “Would you like to have 25 to 50 new customers each and every week for the next year? Somewhere between 1,250 and 2,500 new customers?”

Notice where his focus is? On what that restaurant owner wants.

Most of the restaurant owners immediately take him up. All that he asks is for a meeting room in exchangefor him bringing them 25 to 50 new paying customers every week.

Next, he leaves a brochure on the doors of every business for 2-3 blocks with an offer to introduce them to 25-50 people that can use their services. Again, where’s the focus? So far he hasn’t mentioned his product or service at all.

He’ll have 25-50 people showing up at a meeting at that restaurant. He’ll deliver his promise to the restaurant owner, and to each of those that show up.

At the meeting he’ll introduce everyone, and even build up some of them to the others. He’ll not only introduce each of them to the others, but will give them 1 minute to promote their business at the meeting. But, he’ll get 15-20 minutes to talk about what he does.

But, even here, he isn’t talking about his products/services . . . he’ll focus his presentation on what each of the people in the room will get from working with him, and in most cases he’ll be sharing how he generates $500,000 a month doing what he does, and then asks them if they’d like to be making that to.

Notice, no sales pitch, no mention of products or services, only a brief discussion of how he generates $500,000 and how easy it is with his approach.

Results: He sales 1/2 the people in the room.

And he’s going to show the ones who join him how to be as successful as he is, generating $500,000 a month with such a simple sale.

So, STOP and think. What are you talking about when you approach someone. Are you talking about your products, services, processes, or are you showing them the measurable value they would receive?

Would you like to develop a marketing message that LINES THEM UP outside of your door?

It’s Simple. Call me, and I’ll help you develop that marketing message that gets them CHASING you instead of you chasingthem.

Alan Boyer, the $100K Small Business Coach
Helping small business owners reach another $100K to $1M in months and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when it comes to attracting new clients.  

P.S. I say stop playing in the kiddie pool because most business owners are dabbling at marketing, meeting with 2-3 people a week instead of getting serious like the business owner did above. If you’d like to increase the number of people you meet with by 10’s or 100’s of times, call. And if you’d like to increase your response rate to your marketing message and sales by 10’s of times or more. Call. Put those two together and increasing 10×100=1,000 times increase in clients and dollars.

Call 816-415-8878 for a free strategy session on how to do this with your business.

When it’s absolutely, positively imperative to have a flow of new clients . . . .
to attract clients in a steady flow, getting clients faster.


Google Adwords CPC Going Higher — How to Manage Your Costs

Have you noticed that Google Adwords CPC are going higher and higher? Is it scaring you?

First, as in any marketing, the most obvious up front costs aren’t the things to pay attention to. It’s the cost to “acquire a customer” that’s the most important, not the Cost Per Click, CPC.

I’ll show you how to get control of your marketing so that you BUY a client everytime you spend your marketing dollars. Continue reading

Coach Niche Marketing . . . 80/20 Rule Fine Tuned

I’m sure that you’ve heard that you need to niche your coaching market. Target a specifc subset of your market where you’ll make the most money.

I’ve discovered that I don’t want to waste my time talking with people who would have never bought from me in the first place. I assume that’s about 80% of those who need me. So, instead, I’d rather focus my time on the 20% who are more likely to buy.

So, even as you decide on your target market, apply the 80/20 rule. Look for the 20% that are more likely to buy, 20% that will spend more than your average client, and stop wasting your time on the wrong 80%.

Let’s apply some numbers to see how big of an impact that makes on a coach. Let’s assume that you make $100K now by focusing on your current prospects.

Let’s also assume that you meet with 1,000 prospects to get that $100K. This really isn’t too far off target for the way most coaches do it. In fact, most won’t make the $100K because they don’t meet that many people. But, let’s get back to our thinking.

Out of 1,000 people, the 20% we want to work with results in 200 people that produce 80% of our income. Those 200 produce about $80K for us.

Let’s also assume that you meet with a prospect about 2 hours. So if you meet the whole 1,000 people to make your $100K, that’s about $100 per meeting, or $50/hour. Hmm!  Not where I’d want to be.

But that also projects to 2,000 hours in sales meetings for the year. In short, that’s every last hour of your week in sales meetings, and no time for delivering, coaching, consulting, training, which is what you are paid to do. Either you won’t have time to deliver, or, you’ll be working 80 hour weeks.

But back to our 80/20 rule. Now you are meeting with 200 people to make $80K. You’ll be making $400 per meeting, or about $200/hour. That’s a lot better. And you’ll be in sales meetings about 400 hours for the year, 1/5th of your time, or 8 hours a week. Leaving 32 hours a week for coaching, consulting, or training.

Isnt’ that starting to look like a successful coaching business?

But, now, let’s apply the 80/20 rule to that 200 people. Now that breaks down to only 40 people who produce $64K for you. That’s $1.6K per meeting, or $3,200 per hour.  A total of only 80 hours in sales for the whole year.

Doesn’t that look even better.

The last time I showed this to some coaches they responded that the hourly rate looked pretty good, but they didn’t want to live on $64K. Well, great! Then don’t.

Now that it takes only 80 hours to sell $64K, by adding only another 80 hours in sales you’ll double that to $128K. That’s the beauty of improving the efficienty of this system. It gives you LOTS of spare time to either relax, or apply that $3,200 per hour to make even more money.

Alan Boyer
$100K Small Business Coach

Helping coaches, consultants, and trainers reach another $100K to $250K in months, and to stop playing at building a coaching business.