Monthly Archives: December 2010

Workshop and Seminar Follow Up System to Get Clients

When I talk to coaches, consultants, trainers, and others that use workshops and seminars to get clients, I frequently hear that over the last year they got zero to as many as 1 new client from their workshops after doing several workshops a month.

If you’d like to see that number increase to you getting 25% to 50% of that room wanting your help, read on. Here’s how. It’s really simple. Continue reading

The Secret How to Get Clients That You Already Lost

I recently lost a prospect to my competition, but got them right back, Here’s how you can recover most of those you lose.  It’ll work for you too
Just imagine what would happen if you got many of those you lose to come running back with this simple little concept.. Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients — Success Story KC Coach

Here’s a story of a local Kansas City area (KC) Coach that followed some of the guidelines from my emails and landed an appointment with a large international company.  Follow what he did and you can to. Continue reading