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Coaching Marketing — Help Your Prospects Experience The Results They Will Have With You

The most powerful and compelling way to reach your markets, and persuade powerfully is through the use of Powerful, Emotional, Experience.
In other words instead of just talking about what you do, the idea is to help your prospect EXPERIENCE the power and the emotions of doing, achieving, and feeling the results. Paint a colorful, emotional picture in your prospect’s head. Help them experience both the pain of being where they are and the new experience and feelings of where they will be after working with you. Continue reading

Why Niche Marketing –Find Your Niche and Then . . . Drive Them Crazy

Why Niche Marketing?

 One of the biggest problems small business owners of all kinds have is that they believe that everyone in the world can use their products and/or services.  Continue reading

Clients, Clients Everywhere and Not One That I Can Lay My Hands On!

Everywhere I look I keep finding clients. They are everywhere even in this so-called recession, that I think is about to become a full blown depression.

So, why is it that you are having problems getting clients?

Why is it that you aren’t finding all of those clients?

Well, I’ll tell you where they are, and how to get them, if you’ll just finish reading the rest of this article. Continue reading

The Motivational Speaker — Employees Look Inside and Find New Levels of Achievement

The motivational speaker has taken on a greater importance in society in recent years. Such speakers are more frequently called upon to use their skills than ever before. The rise of the motivational speaker has been most noticeable in the world of business. This is particularly true following months of poor business performance owing to the recession. It seems that business leaders are confident that the investment of paying for the motivational speaker pays off. Continue reading