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Coach, Why You Don’t Get Dozens of Calls a Month from Prospective Coaching Clients

Marketing your coaching business can be as simple as “following a simple formula”  In other words, you should be able to design your business so that it delivers however many clients . . . AND DOLLARS . . . that you want.

Has it worked that way for you so far? If not, read on. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing — Is it a Good Money-making System?

In the last decade, the Internet has skyrocketed from a niche product used by a few techie types to a popular tool used by just about everyone. The World Wide Web, once used simply as another promotional device by institutions looking to market, has become a mainstream force in conducting business. Continue reading

The World Is In Turmoil, Find Out How To Rise Above It

With all that is occurring in the world today it is of no great surprise that some people have suffered setbacks like financial issues, troubles with wellbeing and relationships, and an universal disarray about what direction life is going. The strain of looking after yourself and your family can be over-bearing for so many people in today’s difficult times. Continue reading

Small Business Marketing, An Essential Step In Success

Regardless of the size, a small business must focus on marketing, just like any business of a substantial size. Unlike big businesses, small businesses have a lot of factors that make marketing more difficult. Primarily, these efforts are hindered by budgets and resources.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

A small business marketing strategy is a step-by-step process that examines a business situation or environment. The plan identifies a target client/market, key competition, challenges and opportunities in the market. Marketing is such an important part of the business process. It’s what brings consumers and products together in a market place. Continue reading

Differentiate yourself NOW

Differentiation – what REALLY sets you apart from your competitors?

I recently spoke with a friend of mine and he and I were talking about setting up a Joint Venture with an idea that he has. One of the things that we talked about was how to use Joint Ventures to create massive differentiation from your competition. The reason we got onto this topic as he was speaking with a friend of his and posed the following question to his friend: If I was to bring you extra business from markets that you don’t have access to, would you pay me a commission of the ongoing revenues these new customers create? Continue reading

Top 10 Tips For Pro-Bono or Deep Discount Coaching

Coaches may from time to time take on a client at zero or low fee. There are a number of good reasons to do this. However, it is important for both parties to feel there is an exchange of value for the relationship to persist and be powerful.

Here are some suggestions for what to ask for, and how to set up for pro-bono or nominal fee coaching. These should be covered in your intro session i.e. up front. Continue reading

Adding An Autoresponder To Your Static Site Or Blog For Lead Generation Purposes

The next step in our business mastermind sequence . . . that is: purchasing and setting up an autoresponder for your static weboage or blog for lead generation purposes. Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse for Not Being Successful?

When we fail to do something we are expected to do, we almost always have an excuse for it. That’s just how our habit acts. But we have a choice to change that for good. Continue reading

Business Consultant — Five Unquestionable Ways to Proliferate Your Bottom Line

While consulting small businesses over the past 15 years I discovered there is actually only five definitive ways to raise your bottom line profits. Continue reading

To Share or Not to Share

“A burden shared is a burden halved but a joy shared is a joy doubled”

Do you understand what that means? Well, basically, when we have someone to share our burden, whether it is to talk over our problems or carry a heavy luggage, the load is lightened. Similarly, when we have good news, we share. Continue reading