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Coach — Now’s The Greatest Time to Get More Clients When Everyone Else is “At the Mercy of the Recession”

Now is the greatest opportunity that you’ve ever had to become THE ANSWER to everyone’s problem. Just imagine what it would be like if EVERYONE you know knows that YOU have the greatest, most valuable answers to their struggles from this recession.

Imagine what it would feel like if people would knock down doors to get to you. The way you make that happen is show them the value that they couldn’t live without. Continue reading

Coach — Your Coaching Business Success Depends on What You Believe

Whether you are a life coach, a business coach, career coach, or whatever type of coach . . . your success . .. and your level of success depends mainly on you and what you believe about what you deliver to your clients. Here’s the secret to growing a successful coaching business . . . FAST Continue reading

Overcoming Sales Objections — “I Can’t Afford It”

Most people in sales run into this one sales objection just about the most of any possible sales objections . . . “I can’t afford it.” Continue reading

Coaches — Business Prevention Unit — How to Get More Customers

Coaches everywhere have a BAD habit of chasing off customers. Think you don’t do that? I’ll bet you’ve got a fully functional business prevention unit stopping customers dead. Frankly, I’ve found it in operation in 99% of all coach’s businesses.

Coach, would you like to get LOTS more clients a lot more easily . . . read on.I’veI

Continue reading

Marketing — Growing a Business — It Isn’t Business as Usual Anymore

Marketing has changed. The way we do business has changed. But you’ve tried it the way you knew how, didn’t work, and now what? Continue reading