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Getting Coaching Clients — How to Open ANY Door and Get an Appointment

I can remember when it was hard to even talk to someone at a networking event. Now here’s a way of getting an appointment with anyone. I’ve gotten appointments with top CEOs of large businesses, and small business owners at an almost unbelivable success rate. For instance, when using this to get visitors for a networking event I ended up talking with 100% of those I called, and 75% of those I talked with showing up. Most of the other 25% still wanted to go, it was teir schedule that was in the way. Continue reading

How to Bring Dozens of Visitors to Your BNI Chapter

Up until recently I held the record for bringing the most visitors. I’ve been sharing how this works with a few, and last month someone in my chapter decided to try it out for themselves. Now they are the new leader with around 35 visitors.  This really is a killer concept! Try it . . . it will SURPRISE you. Continue reading

Ways to Get People to Do Your Marketing For You and Then Pay You For the Right to Do it

I first met Paulette Ensign, the Booklet Queen, about 2 weeks ago. She’s got some killer ways to grow a business, and actually get your clients to do it for you, and then to pay you for the right to do it. It flat amazed me when I heard some of the things she said. Continue reading

The EASY Way to Get Coaching Clients During a Recession, Or Any Other Bad Time For That Matter

Hey coach! Getting coaching clients isn’t that hard when you understand this simple concept. Continue reading

Simple Ways of Driving Traffic to Your Web Site Using One E-Published Tips Booklet

By Paulette Ensign

I am not a web designer or search engine optimizer, nor do I play one on TV. However, I do know that the driving force in bringing qualified traffic back to your web site is dynamic high value content.

Paulette Ensign Tips Booklets

Paulette Ensign

  Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients – – Like to Get 10 – 15 New Clients a Month From LinkedIn?

Hey coach! Do you WORK LinkedIn, or any of the other social media?

I’ve used LinkedIn to deliver 10-15 new clients a week to my clients, and have helped my clients do the same with this technique.It’s a GREAT place to get coaching clients, not in one step, but helping them get to know you, like you and trust you… and they will hire you. Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients – – It’s Not a Black Art… You Can Get EXACTLY the Number of Clients

Hey coach! Have you been struggling to get clients?

Was marketing one of your core strengths when you started coaching? Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients — The Mindset That Grows a Coaching Business Explosively

Do you believe in spending money on marketing, on getting new clients, on building your coaching busienss?

Or have you operated from a “let’s keep it cheap and inexpensive” mindset? Continue reading

How to Get Coaching Clients – Recession or Not, Marketing No Longer Works Like It Used To

You’ve been struggling to get coaching clients. It feels like you’ve been walking across a desert where you just haven’t seen water . . . or clients . . . for weeks, or months.  You’ve looked across that baren land as far as you can see and, for whatever reason, there isn’t an oasis, there isn’t a pool of clients, anywhere to be seen. Mile after mile after mile.
What’s the answer? Actually it’s quite simple. Continue reading

The REAL Secret to Getting Coaching Clients

Getting more coaching clients, or getting any, for that matter, is just about the hardest thing to do for most coaches.

Marketing and getting coaching clients just doesn’t come natural, or easy for most coaches. It really doesn’t matter how good of a coach your are when it comes to getting new clients. How good you are has a LOT to do with getting repeat clients, getting referrals, and getting clients to spend more with you. But, when it comes to getting new clients from scratch you just plain have to know how to market and sell or you will be setting there without any clients. Continue reading