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Becoming THE Best Supervisor–4 Steps to Increasing Your Team’s Output by 16 Times

What one thing would make you the THE Best Supervisor in Your Company?

Would increasing your team’s output by 16 times do it? I’d bet on it! In fact, it’s likely to get you noticed and promoted.

Actually it’s simple. This is something I do when I’m called into a company to improve performance of groups of employees. Continue reading

Coach Business Building — Blogging, Twittering, Facebooking — How to Get Hundreds of New Clients

All of you coaches out there building a coaching business through  Blogging, Twittering, Facebooking and their website are doing that for what simple reason?

To be found by the most people, am I right?

So, why is it that so many people make it so darned hard to be found while they do all of that stuff to be found? Continue reading

Seth Godin’s Post — All Clicks on the Internet Come from Only 16% of the People

Seth Godin, on a recent post, said that of all the people on the internet only 16% result in an actual click through.

That follows the 80/20 rule, that 80% of the clicks on the internet come from 20% of the people.

It also indicates why you should discover your niche. I’ve always said that if ou could refocus your marketing on just that 20% that you’d automatically increase your business by 17 times. That’s the real number when you can move all of your efforts from targeting “the whole world” to spending your time targeting only those that are effective.

Ha! And people say that “doubling a business” isn’t likely. But just getting the 80/20 rule right, focusing on the right market has the potential for increasing your marketing results by 17 times, means that a “double” ought to be easy.

Also check the stats on Research Briefs at

Building a Coaching Business — Getting Tons of Local Coaching Prospects Finding You

When I talk with new coaches I frequently hear that they don’t need to be on the internet . . . because they aren’t interested in nationwide, or worldwide business. They only want local people as clients.

Well, what they don’t know is likely to hurt them, or at least it’ll be a significant missing opportunity. There are anywhere from 50 to as many as several hundred people in most major cities looking for a coach on the internet. Continue reading

Obstacles to Sales — Overcoming Objections

The secret to overcoming obstacles to sales caused by sales objections is to understand “the why” behind the sales objection. It starts with a belief that your prospect has.

You job is not to persuade the prospect that he’s wrong, or to convince him that you are right. Your job is to help him DISCOVER the answers he needs to make the right decision. Continue reading

Article Marketing — How to Market a Small Business

Small Business Marketing Coach

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Marketing Strategy — Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing, whether online or off, requires more than  “just throwing an ad out there” or “turning on a website.”  You must have a marketing strategy to market your business online or off.

Let’s use this analogy. If you were manning an artillery division on a hillside and just taking potshots at anything that moved on the opposite hillside, you may devastate anything that moves on that hillside, but it’s likely that you won’t do much of anything toward “winning the war.” Continue reading

Marketing Survival Guide for Small Businesses During a Recession

 “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

                                    Mark Twain

Some business owners feel that the reports of their upcoming business death is actually imminent.

Here’s a survival guide for small business owners. Continue reading

How to Get 10 Times More Business From Your Article Marketing

Most of us are out there WRITING new  stuff like mad. It’s likely that you are leaving the biggest opportunity to grow your business through article marketing laying right on the table. Continue reading