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How to Turn a Difficult Meeting into a Positive Meeting


  • Have you ever seen meetings turn into battles, and sometimes people even stop contributing because they fear another battle?
  • Does it seem like every time someone steps up with a positive idea everyone shoots it down.
  • Do your meetings end without providing positive move-forward activities?

Then here’s your answer, read on!

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Why Marketing, as We Have Practiced It, Doesn’t Work — And THE Answer

Marketing, at least marketing that works, has shifted considerably from the old ways of doing things. People have been numbed to an overload of daily junk mail, and marketing that doesn’t tell them anything they WANT to know.

But, our target market is still looking for answers, but in a different way. Here’s how to become a VERY EFFECTIVE marketer, connecting with more people even when you’d swear that your marketing no longer works. Continue reading

Want to Easily Turn Your Mary Kay Business into Super Performer?

Jenny, a Mary Kay rep here in our metro area said she was getting only one NEW cleint a year from the Mary Kay national website. Here’s how she increased traffic to 140+ a month, and sales up by 10-20 a month. She’s now the number one in Mary Kay in our area, and on her way to becoming a director, and getting her car.

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Characteristics of a Good Leader

I originally wrote this article 4-5 years ago, but because it has become the most read article, I periodically update it with more current information. So here goes for the end of 2009.

I’m not kidding when I say this, there is just ONE most important characteristic of not just a GOOD leader but a super performing leader, but very few seem to understand what that is.  So here goes . . . Continue reading

SEO Hints and Tips and Free SEO Tools

Do you realize that if you manage your website, SEO tools, and pay-per-click tools, you can literally have as many leads as you want from your website? Continue reading

Why 97% of all MLMs Fail –How to become One of the 1-3% that Make Serious Money

As a small business coach I’ve worked with a lot of MLM (multilevel marketing, or networking marketing) business owners who had come to me asking why they couldn’t make this work even though they saw 1 or 2 in their networking making a killing. Continue reading

Marketing on a Budget

Most business owners try to keep their marketing costs to a minimum by watching their up front costs of marketing closely, or just plain not spending on marketing by finding low cost or no cost ways ofmarketing. The usual result of that is not getting many, or not getting any clients. That’s NOT cheap, marketing on a budget. It becomes extremely expensive to not have enough clients.

Here’s the secret to “Marketing on a Budget that actually works. . . Continue reading

Getting Lots of Coaching Clients With Twitter

One of the most important things you can learn about marketing is that it’s never about you, it’s about the customer and what he wants. Find the answers what literally GRABS ATTENTION so that your readers BEG you for what you have. Continue reading

Church Marketing — How Many Are Looking for Your Church in Your City? — Are You Missing These?

As a marketing coach who’s active in my church, one day it hit me right between the eyes that my church was missing out on a great opportunity to grow using all of the tools I use in marketing. Continue reading

Building a Super Coaching Business — Do you get 10, 100, or 1,000 people signing up monthly or calling you from your website?

Whether you are a life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever coach, how many people a month sign up to get to know you better monthly? 10 . . . 100 . . . 1,000 . . . or even more?

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